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These are the 6 most common debts of the Spanish

These are the 6 most common debts of the Spanish Have you ever considered what are the most common debts of Spaniards? For practical purposes,

Ten clever ways to reduce your bank charges

Ten clever ways to reduce your bank charges   Small changes in your banking habits can make a big dent in the fees you pay

If you still put the television with the remote control is that you do not have a smart speaker

  They have been waiting for us, but finally we have the smartest speakers among us. And they already speak and understand Spanish . Google

How to duplicate the screen of your mobile phone on TV

    Mobile screens grow in size, but can not compete with the living room television to watch movies, photos or even surf the Internet.

Intelligent voice assistants: how is the technology that sooner or later you will have at home – Technology from you to you

  The ability to do more with less effort is a biological constant that finds replication in the world of technology in the most varied

The technology to wear that you do not want to stop trying

  Wearables are back in fashion. After a small downturn due to the stagnation of sports watches, more and more technophiles are betting on devices

Uses of smart lighting at home and home automation

  The saying goes that a house can not be started on the roof. And that is an indisputable truth. But the creation of a

Buy a new laptop: eleven errors to avoid

  Whether you are the most experienced buyer in the network, or the one who arrives without any knowledge when buying your first computer ,

Buy a laptop with a touch screen, yes or no? We help you decide

  Facing the purchase of a laptop is not easy since the variety of products is overwhelming. We usually ask questions regarding size and specifications,

FAT 32 NTFS, Mac OS Plus? Which file system is the best for me to format a hard drive?

The storage units (hard drives, pendrives, memory cards …) always come with a certain amount of space. Although this aspect is the main one, there