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Buy a laptop with a touch screen, yes or no? We help you decide


touch screen

Facing the purchase of a laptop is not easy since the variety of products is overwhelming. We usually ask questions regarding size and specifications, but in recent times we must also bear in mind that screens can be tactile or not.

The laptop has had to transform after the push of mobile devices, no one escapes the touch interfaces. The main manufacturers have been improving the technology while Microsoft – unique in this way – has created a Windows 10 much more adapted to gestures . But with this we are not ensuring that the tactile option is the best, we must assess whether we really care since it does not always adapt to all use scenarios. We are interested? Lets go see it.


Before moving on we should keep in mind that we are talking about conventional laptops, not devices that necessarily separate their screen from the keyboard. A derivative of conventional laptops are the convertibles : those that allow the keyboard to rotate on themselves to leave us with the tactile interaction as the main protagonist.

portatil con pantalla tactil

Why we like touch-screen laptops

1- Natural navigation

We are not going to deny it, there are users who use Windows at a very high level of productivity, making use of shortcuts and multiple screens. The arrival of touch support has not kept them awake. But they are the minority, in addition, the new users and also the old ones we are educating ourselves to interact with touch screens. It is something newer than using a keyboard and a mouse to operate a computer, but we all find it natural . Obviously we have to thank mobile phones.

For a user who is facing Windows for the first time on a laptop, using the touch version of it will be much easier.

2 – Versatility

That the touch screen exists does not mean that we have to use it all the time. The keyboard and trackpad are still there as a method of control and data entry, so now what we have is different ways of doing the same. It is necessary that not only the system be prepared, also the applications must make an effort so that the gestures have sense and the interaction with the elements on the screen is easy.

A touch laptop can easily be converted into an alternative to a tablet , we will have two devices in one.

3 – A pencil marks the differences

portatil con pantalla tactil

There are many levels and qualities of touch screens, but in high-end laptops it is possible to find some that add a support for a pointer , also called a pencil.

Productivity is triggered in the case of those users who need that definition in the interaction, we speak of artists or image editors. With this capacity, differences are being marked and there will be professionals willing to pay for it.

Things that you will have to take into account for your day to day with a touch screen

1 – Battery consumption is higher

Thus, the touch screens are constantly recognizing if someone has touched it, it is a process that has a cost in energy that we should value. We can talk about many minutes of additional life in the full cycle of a battery. As technology advances all these situations become more efficient, but if your priority is autonomy and you will not give importance to touch the screen, you know that it is not the best option for you.


2 – Clean the screen

We will not discover anything, we are more than accustomed to living with dirt on the screens of our phones and tablets. The same thing happens in these laptops but in a larger format, and it shows. We will have to be frequently cleaning the screen , especially if we want to be watching the content in detail. Obviously there are many advances in materials and coatings that mitigate the problem, but the type of screens used in these touchscreens does not help.

Another peculiarity is that they usually have glossy – reflective finish – which is more prone to pick up fingerprints, and also will hinder their visibility outdoors.

3 – Its price is higher

It depends a lot on the category of the laptop, but if the technology used is good we will have to pay for it . In fact, the usual thing is to see the touch option paired with panels with high resolution. It will be in each one to evaluate if it is worth paying something more for a laptop when there are two versions, with or without a touch screen. The trend says that as we move forward this will be a more common specification and will not have a big impact on the price.

Touch screen, yes or no?

pantalla tactil en ordenador

The conclusions we draw are clear, it will depend a lot on the type of user to choose the tactile option. If what you really care about is autonomy and working in a traditional way, you will not gain much. In the rest of cases I would always consider the option and would value if there is a model without a touch screen, and the difference in price.

It is a reality that the offer has grown significantly in the last year and little by little it will be taking utility and productivity out of the matter. It is not a fashion for a specific type of laptop, we will find it in affordable devices and in the most expensive of the market .

What is certain is that the available equipment revolve around the Windows 10 system, none of the Apple laptops has decided to play with this type of interaction. We are going to know some high quality options that we have in the market:

The best tactile options

HP Specter X360

portatiles con pantalla tactil

At the same time portable and powerful, this HP Specter x360 is one of the best examples that we can find in the evolution of laptops of superior ranges. It stands out for being able to use a pointer on its touch screen and for its golden pink finish.

boton compra

Lenovo Yoga 920

portatil con pantalla tactil

The Lenovo Yoga 920 stands out for its ultra-flat design and at the same time have the best features, in fact it is the highest range of Lenovo in convertibles: rotating keyboard. It stands out for its almost borderless screen and the built-in stylus.



Surface Laptop

portatil con pantalla tactil


The best Windows integration in a laptop since it has been developed by Microsoft itself. It stands out for its elegant design and a keyboard covered in Alcantara fabric. The PixelSense touchscreen is 13.5 inches and high resolution.


Dell Inspiron


Dell is one of the companies with more experience in the creation of convertible laptops, with this Inspiron we propose a 13.3-inch model with IPS technologies and Full HD resolution.