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Buy a new laptop: eleven errors to avoid


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Whether you are the most experienced buyer in the network, or the one who arrives without any knowledge when buying your first computer , you will always find complications in the search. The offer right now is immense , by configurations and types of laptops , so we propose a series of points to think before starting.

The thing softens a little when you’ve already bought more than one laptop in the past, so you have some idea of ​​what you need, what you want to change and maintain. Anyway, follow our steps to know important aspects and priorities that perhaps you were not taking into account :


What is the appropriate screen size?

Possibly the most important criterion, the screen size defines the dimensions that the laptop will have, also its weight. We are going to find teams that move from 10 to 17 inches , with 15 being the most usual diagonal, we believe that is where the best balance is.

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If mobility is a priority for you, go down to 13 inches and think of an extra monitor at home to see the contents in larger size, if you do not have a desktop computer. If you’re staying at home with him, do not lose 15 inches .

The best way to know what you need is having a laptop. You will know if you were comfortable with that size or if you needed more space for work. You will also have an idea of ​​the size of trackpad and keyboard on which you feel comfortable.

Do not buy the cheapest model available

The powerful offers or demolition prices can encourage us to buy a specific equipment that may not be the best for our interests. We are not saying that the offer is not good, only that we have to think well if it covers our needs before assuming the possible bargain.

Fortunately, basic computers have improved a lot in recent years and it is possible to do most things with them. If you have something more expensive options on the table, value them, take a considerably faster processor or a screen of higher quality, it is well worth it.

A good example of the balance between price and performance can be found in a computer such as the HP 15-da0051ns Notebook , elegant and stylish. It stands out for its 15-inch screen, its Intel Core i5 heart, 8GB of RAM and the presence of a 256GB SSD disk:



Do not pay as much if you do not need it

Otherwise, pay too much. Sometimes it helps to have a closed budget , if we do not have it and we can invest a lot, we may buy more than we need. That is not too much, nor will we be the ones who invalidate the purchase, but it is about being efficient with the expenses.

Are we paying an extra for more powerful specifications? It’s even interesting, the team will last us longer. But it will not be so if what we are doing is betting on specifications that do not interest us , such as a special reader, an oversized disk, or a resolution that is too high.

A very specific case is the gaming sector , there are people interested in spending more for designs or special elements, but that will rarely be a benefit for a normal user.

If there are no budget problems and we want a team with a very powerful offer in relation to its price, I would definitely look at the Lenovo Yoga 720 convertible (Intel Core i7 and Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics):

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Think about the future

We do not want to contradict the previous point, but it is always good to invest thinking that products have a life as long as possible . Once you are clear that the equipment meets your needs, you should think if having more RAM , choosing an SSD or a higher processor does not go beyond your budget, it is something that could stretch the life of the team.

Let’s say that instead of thinking if it covers what I need now, try to put myself in a future situation: what is it that I’m going to need from him in a couple of years . It is an exercise that is always good to do, visualize our future activities with the computer.

Do you need so much resolution?

Related to the previous point, we have the screen resolution. Again it is easy to think that the more the better, but we have to know that we are going to pay more for it and that we need more power to be able to move that graphic load well.

If you are a content creator, specialized in video and photo , it seems normal to look for the most modern and capable screens, like the 4K panels that appear. If you are going to surf and write mail, I think 1080p is an ideal format for the screen size that a laptop usually has. If autonomy is important to you, more resolution is also more consumption.

For work with very high resolutions we recommend the range of Apple laptops with Retina display, at the top of the catalog we can find the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro with a resolution of 2,560 × 1,600 pixels. During the month of September in the El Corte Inglés catalog, we found interesting discounts in this range.

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Do not obsess over a specification

There are specifications on a laptop that can draw our attention, make us think that we need it but it may not be like that and we will pay more. We can put as an example the touch screen on a laptop , we talk about it long and hard in this article.

Another example that I find interesting to mention is that of RAM, knowing that the more quantity, the better. It happens that they can make us pay a lot more for having 16GB of RAM when with 8GB we are left over, if we are not going to do anything demanding with the computer.

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No values ​​plus design than function

You will not spend the day looking at the external aspect of your laptop, it is good that it is durable and according to your tastes, but the really important thing is to have a good screen and power that meets your needs. In the gaming world it is easy to get carried away by the aspect , and it is certainly important in all areas, but we would not go crazy beyond having good ergonomics and careful design.

Do you really want a conventional laptop or are you interested in a 2-in-1 configuration ? The irruption of the tablet concept has eaten a lot of ground for laptops. The vast majority of things we can do with a tablet, and if we offer power and keyboard as do convertible computers, then better than better.   I would consider this option very much, even a ‘tablet to dry’ if our budget is reduced.

If design is a priority for you and you want the laptop to be the lightest and thinnest in the field in which you move, then yes I would stop to take a look at the LG Gram : a computer that has nothing to envy others with a weight of only 965 grams.

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Beware of reflective screens

It may look nice at first glance but a very reflective screen is uncomfortable to use . The traces are marked with greater intensity, the glitters end up bothering us, and some models are real mirrors.

We do not want to be tremendistas with this issue, there are many levels and it is best to check the team in person, but whenever the option is, we recommend a matte finish on a screen. Many times this finish is related to touch screens.

Choose an HD instead of an SSD

It is a specification more related to laptops of higher ranges, but in any case it is preferable to have an SSD , even if it is of reduced storage. Prices have dropped a lot and there is even the option to place it on our own in the future.

The speed of reading and writing that these units allow to the operating system makes a computer gain a lot of performance in its daily use, also in demanding tasks. Our recommendation is that you always value having SSD over other specifications .

A great option, for specifications and price, which meets guarantees in the SSD section is the HP Pavilion 360 that we present below, a convertible with 256GB, 8GB of RAM and Intel Core i5 processor:



Take into account the ports

It is one of the sections that look less when buying a computer and then we get surprises. The tendency is to eliminate connections and that is sometimes not the most comfortable for the user. It is something especially palpable in very small teams.

We recommend having at least a couple of USB ports, and if one of them were USB-C reversible type , much better. Nor should there be a lack of video output, memory card readers and headphone jack.   Fortunately there is a solution for computers with few connections, adapters with extra connections have become very fashionable.

Do not take it without trying it


We hope that all the points treated have made you think better about the purchase, but the best advice we can give you is without a doubt that you go through the store and know the product first hand. Check real dimensions, weight and design, and no less important, try the screen, keyboard and trackpad.