Have More Options in Addition to the Fast Loans Online

This is a very frequent question asked by our clients or those who come to our platform for the first time, because they are not sure if they can only apply for fast loans online or if there is another way to get to receive our services; They are not very familiar with the procedure virtually so they want to know their possibilities.

Online and offline loans

The reality is that our service can be requested both online and offline so if you need it to be a face-to-face treatment you can approach our offices. For us, the decision you make does not change the provision of the service because through any of the two customer service channels you will find the products. But then you will surely ask, what is the purpose of having two service channels, one through a virtual platform and another completely in person? The answer to this is very simple. Harry Bailly is a virtual online lending platform that was born to meet a need in users of financial services that we’re exhausted from the conditions that were required in banks, paperwork, paperwork, rows and other factors that were mandatory and They really considered themselves as a real headache.

Alternative loan platform

The idea with the creation of this platform was to offer an alternative to this type of negative aspects and make users have the option to make their fast loans online in the comfort of their home or office and thus have a service that does not I put so many inconveniences, because without a doubt we must accept that none of us like to make endless lines so that in the end the entity has a “no” in response to the credit request we are making. In this order of ideas and having a completely virtual service, from any place and device that has the necessary network connection, requests for these services can be made without the need to deliver information through physical papers, but by entering all the data. Through a very simple form, we ask you to fill in the most honest way possible, so as not to have any problems later with the disbursement of the money. Once everything has been completed, you will receive an email to the email address that has been provided on the form, confirming your successful process and giving you a unique code that will be used to verify and claim your loan. It is an immediate and simple way to obtain this type of services without having to make great efforts of time and money. But we understand that there are some reasons why people prefer to take these fast loans online in person and not through the network because it also generates some distrust and it is understandable that this happens. Unfortunately, we have all witnessed unscrupulous people who have used these virtual means to deceive customers, promising them financial or economic services, naively delivering all the information in their accounts and then discovering that they have been deceived and stolen. This is an issue that Harry Bailly takes very seriously, as our goal is to ensure the security of the information and data that our users provide us through our platform, to prevent people interested in causing damage from accessing our platform. and extract the information. For this we have a network security system that allows us to encrypt the data in such a way that it is impossible for them to seize their data.

In addition to this, if you look at our web address

You may notice at the beginning that an https is indicated, which means that this site is completely secure and that to ensure this you have obtained a security certificate granted only to the sites that They fulfill all the protection conditions for procedures and virtual transfers. So you should not worry about absolutely anything when using our platform. But if equally, and after giving you all the reasons to use our virtual service, you prefer to send the information directly to our offices to take one of our products, you can do so without any inconvenience. We are willing to pay the same attention as if you did it through the network, with a simple process so you can get your credit as quickly as possible.

What to do

The first thing to do is download the form found on our website and the permission of habeas data. This is very important because it is the one that authorizes us to take your information and use it for the purpose of sending information about our services and data processing. Then you must send it correctly filled out and notarized by certified mail to our offices. We will enter all the information into our contact risk model to verify the approval of your credit. Once approved it will proceed to make the confirmation by contacting you directly, but if you wish you can use our virtual service at any time, in which the payment will be made for the use of the technology that is applied in all cases. To find more information about this offline procedure, you can go to our FAQ section and search the list for the requested information.

 What to remember

Remember that the immediate online loans offered by Harry Bailly are much more convenient to apply for and you will not have to do any paperwork through physical documents or under face-to-face processes that may take time.