“We’re back for another great exhibit featuring mini-webinars on a range of topics from finding government jobs to the best tips for working from home. Listen to Indeed on In-Demand Jobs and Daymond John on Building Success Through Networking, “says Heather Tinsley-Fix, AARP Senior Advisor for Financial Resilience.” There will also be tons of content to help you get started. staying competitive in the job market as well as opportunities to connect with other job seekers and share tips and strategies through our chats. . And don’t forget to consult our employers who are recruiting. These companies are hiring now and want to hear from you. “

Many employers will be attending the AARP exhibit including FEMA, Humana, and Bed Bath & Beyond. The event is free and accessible by phone, tablet or computer.

To make the best impression on recruiters at an online career fair, it’s best to do some prep work before logging into the event. Here are five tips to help you prepare for a virtual career fair.

1. Prepare your CV for recruiters

In recent years, it has become common to customize your resume for each position you apply for. This way you can ensure that your resume includes many of the same keywords that appear in the job posting, which can help you get noticed by the software that does the initial candidate search. the most qualified. For an online career fair, unless you are only looking for a specific type of job posting, you may want to consider using a resume that describes your work skills and work experience more generally. This could open doors with more recruiters participating. Learn more about some quick fixes you can make to your resume.

2. Refine your social media profiles

First impressions often make a big difference in who gets hired. While your resume may be the first contact you make with recruiters at an online career fair, many of them will quickly switch to social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram to get a feel for it. better idea of ​​your background and your personality. Before the career fair, take the time to update your LinkedIn profile, making sure it includes all new professional accomplishments. Also, be sure to check your other social media accounts to edit or remove any posts that include content that might make an employer hesitate to hire – suggestive photos, passionate personal arguments, or political opinions, for example.



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