After years of FIFA fans begging EA Sports to make Career Mode online user friendly, gamers can finally get what they wanted.

Although it has been a staple of network play for many years, FIFA’s Career Mode has never had such a feature – with fans continually turning to EA to expand and develop the game’s online offering.

FIFA Career Mode has been a staple of the franchise for many years

Twitter Fan Page FIFA 21 News Point the list and the eye-catching part of the job description.

It reads: “As an Online Software Engineer, you will help build our Network Game Development Team – whether in our Online Career Mode, our Ultimate Team, or our Online Systems and Protocols. based.

“We are looking for engineers who enjoy prototyping and planning, adding amazing new features to an existing and loved game, and improving existing code.”

Despite the mention of the online career mode, it’s still unclear if EA plans to include it in FIFA 22.

EA will unveil its latest FIFA at EA Play on July 22 next month – with more information on the proposed Online Career Mode set to be announced.

What would you like to see implemented in this year’s fan favorite game mode? Let us know.

Here, we take a look at eight things we’d like to see included.

1) Online transfer negotiations

We don’t yet know how Online Career Mode will work in FIFA 22, especially since it’s still just a rumor.

However, if we are speculating, you and a friend – or friends – should be able to manage different teams, giving you the ability to buy and loan players to each other.

How cool would that be? However, there could be quite a bit of disagreement along the way.

2) Player customization

On FIFA 21, it is possible to change some aspects of the appearance of your teams in the game – although this is very limited.

As it is, you can only change what your team is wearing, for example, players’ shoes, shirt fit, and sock height. It’s as boring as it sounds, we know that.

But this is where EA could do a lot more with this feature – take their previous Journey game mode, for example.

Players were given the option to alter the general appearance of Alex Hunter – the main protagonist of the game modes – by changing his hairstyle and even giving him tattoos.

Considering that Paul Pogba changes his hairstyle almost every two weeks, Career Mode needing something similar is an absolute no-brainer.

3) Create your own club

Back when FIFA was on PlayStation 2, players had the option to create their own squads, but EA removed it without any warning.

Gamers have since been able to achieve this on PC, especially thanks to its modding capabilities, however, it would be great to see this kind of functionality built into the game for consoles again.

Could we see some sort of creative hub coming back to FIFA in the future? Let’s hope so.

4) Stadium creation / customization

On FIFA 21, players can customize an array of sections in their stadiums to set it apart from the rest – and we desperately need to see it in Career Mode.

Due to its inclusion in Ultimate Team, EA has no excuse not to extend this to Career mode and give players the ability to play with stadiums, customizing different elements.

Editing a stadium like Old Trafford, however, can be difficult due to licensing issues.

But clubs with a generic stadium like Town Park, for example, could do with a bit of TLC – and that feature would almost certainly fix that.

This is a given in FIFA 22, surely?

5) More licensed leagues

As always, however, many fans are in desperate need of seeing English National League teams added to FIFA 22.

However, there is no information on their participation, despite calls from players to make an appearance.

Could we see them added for this year? It’s not too unrealistic and it could very well happen.

6) Managerial changes

One of the things that makes Football Manager so realistic is seeing different managers at different clubs.

Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t see this in Career mode.

So instead of crazy managerial scenarios, we just see the same old managers in the same old teams – season after season. Boring, right?

I mean, just imagine seeing Sean Dyche on the sidelines when he faces Barcelona in the Champions League final.

We know it’s unrealistic, but it certainly makes it a lot more interesting.

7) VAR

As controversial as VAR has been since its introduction, it’s something that just needs to feature in Career Mode later this year.

We already have real tech in the game like goal line tech, so why not VAR?

Hopefully, it won’t take as long to make a decision as it can sometimes in real life, and it will certainly cause absolute carnage and heartache when used to turn down a last-minute winner or leveler.

But especially for the licensed leagues and competitions where it is currently in use, it would certainly make sense and enjoyable to see it introduced into the game.

8) Icons

Career mode would be a game changer if players had the option to use all of the different icons in the game.

With most icons ticking or acting as experts, what better feature would there be than using them as a manager in Career mode?

I mean, how good would it be to have Thierry Henry on the sidelines and at a press conference for Arsenal?

It is currently possible to do this on FIFA 21 with the Soccer Aid team which has been added, however, this team is usually added at the end of the game.



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