Career Builder is the perfect way for new players to get their GTA Online adventure off to a great start, but which route should you take? Here’s the best GTA online career and how to get started.

The next-gen version of GTA Online is here, and longtime players are enjoying the definitive version of the nine-year-old money-printing machine. While many fans will pick up where they left off on older hardware, this will be the first trip to Los Santos for many PS5 and Xbox Series owners.

After nearly a decade of updates, being let loose on the sprawling multiplayer mode is a daunting prospect, so Rockstar tapped into the Career Builder to give budding new crime bosses a much-needed foothold in the early hours.

But how do you use the career builder and what is the best way forward? We have what you need here.

How to use GTA Online Career Builder

If you are a new player to GTA Online, as soon as you start the game you will have the option to choose from four different careers. These are:

  • Biker
  • Executive
  • Sniper
  • Night club owner

You will then be immediately awarded $4 million to invest in items that will help you thrive in this industry, including properties, vehicles, and weapons. Any money left over after you’re happy with your purchases will carry over to the main game – up to $1 million.

The idea is to curb some of that early game grind and give players ways to earn money right off the bat, instead of having to invest hours of time to catch up with the rest of the community. .

After selecting the career that looks the most appealing, you’ll be thrown into a series of introductory missions and given more upgrades to complete. These additional upgrade paths are quite expensive, but they provide welcome structure to your first hours of play.

GTA Online character riding a motorcycle

GTA Online Career Builder Path

As mentioned earlier, there are four different careers to choose from. So here’s a quick breakdown of each if you’re struggling to choose:


GTA Online character in the motorcycle club

The Biker path puts you in charge of your own formidable biker gang, complete with a Clubhouse. From there, you’ll have the chance to get stuck in a number of illegal businesses.

Unfortunately, while living out the ultimate Sons of Anarchy fantasy sounds and sounds appealing, it’s not the most lucrative option here.


GTA Online Office

If you opt for the Executive career, you’ll be set up with a shiny new office, as well as the choice of warehouses to store valuables.

This is a solid option that has the potential to make players very rich once they gain access to the more expensive upgrades.

We recommend checking into the Maze Bank West Office due to its prime location in the heart of Los Santos.


GTA Online Bunker

If you’re looking for something more secret, becoming a Gunrunner gives players a stealth bunker to hide in.

The main advantage here is that bunkers earn a steady stream of money without needing player input, and stealing or buying supplies will only increase your income.

If saving up for Cayo Perico’s incredible heist is your ultimate goal, then this is the career for you.

Night club owner

GTA Online Nightclub

Arguably the most glamorous option, this career gives players control of their own nightclub, which they can use as a front for illegal cash flow.

Owning a Nightclub also rewards you with passive income, and Special Missions are some of the most fun out of the four choices.

Unfortunately, however, it is by far the least lucrative career, so we recommend avoiding it if the main goal is to accumulate money.

Best GTA Online Career

GTA Online armored vehicle firing missiles

Money makes Los Santos go round, so we recommend that you select the Gunrunner career to maximize your profits when you’re just starting out. It might not seem as lavish as the Nightclub or Executive owner paths, but setting up a bunker passively earns a lot of money and doesn’t require as much micromanagement.

In terms of location, the Chumash Bunker is a good starting point. It’s a relatively cheap option found on the western side of the map, with easy access to all major areas.

Then you will want to buy Bunker A Upgrade Pack to unlock the Equipment upgrade and Staff upgrade. In total, it will cost you just over $3 million of the allocated money, so you have quite a bit of stash to take into the game with you.

That was all you needed to know about the new GTA Online Career Builder. For more helpful guides, find out how to get a GTA+ subscription, plus all the new cars added in the next-gen update.

Image credits: Rockstar Games


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