The Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE), in collaboration with UNICEF, is about to launch an online career guidance and guidance portal for students and learners.

The online portal will provide detailed information on career options, higher education institutes, international courses, scholarships, entrance exams or competitions and foreign studies.

Along with this, the portal will also offer free educational and professional resources for students. The portal is accessible on the official website at http://cbsecareerguidance.com or via its dedicated mobile application.

The objective of the Initiative;

CBSE launched this portal as an initiative to help young minds, especially girls, gain adequate knowledge about the opportunities available in higher education.

UNICEF has come forward to help students, especially grades 9 to 12, make the right decisions about their future and manage their career path in the right direction.

Several state governments and private sector companies have also contributed to this initiative by customizing the regional language career portal to suit students in that particular region.

the declaration of the CBSE;

CBSE in its official statement mentioned that proper guidance and counseling helps students discover their abilities, skills and interests against which they can choose an ideal career option.

Career guidance also enhances a student’s positive attributes and enables them to understand their learning strengths and weaknesses so that they can set and achieve realistic goals in their life.

Learn more about the portal;

The Career Portal is linked to the main CBSE website. Thus, all CBSE students can connect to the portal using their contact details previously registered with the Council and can access a personalized career dashboard.

The CBSE has planned to train two teachers per school who will act as advisers on the portal. A digital training session will be conducted for these teachers and a personal advisor dashboard will also be provided.

This portal is operated by the Center for Career Information and Guidance (CGCIC) of CBSE, which will ensure uninterrupted guidance facilities for students.



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