The Civil Service Commission (CSC) will pilot its online exam this year as the novel coronavirus disease pandemic (Covid-19) prevents it from taking its usual written exam.

In a Viber message, CSC Commissioner Aileen Lizada confirmed to BusinessMirror that the Online Career Examination (CSE) is now in the works.

“We will give updates once we finalize [it details]”Said Lizada.

Current restrictions

Lizada made the remark after the CSC announced it was still unable to release a timeline for its written test due to public health measures against Covid-19, such as restrictions on mass gatherings .

“With this, the announcement regarding the CSE-professional and sub-professional levels to be administered this year would be made once the CSC confirms the different modes of conducting the exams and the appropriate times for them,” said the CSC in a statement released Monday. .

One of those options is the online exam, which CSC began to consider in the last quarter of 2020.

Besides the CSC, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) also announced last week its intention to conduct online licensing exams this year to also minimize the risk of its participants becoming infected with Covid-19.

Special eligibility

While there is still no CSE planned this year, the CSC said aspiring civil servants may still be eligible for civil service through other special means.

These include in particular eligibility for the board of directors; eligibility of barangay health workers; eligibility for barangay nutrition fellows; official eligibility of barangay; eligibility of the specialist in electronic data processing; and the eligibility of graduates from a foreign school.

The other people likely to be eligible for the civil service are those who are eligible for honorary diplomas; Eligibility of Sanggunian members; eligibility of scientific and technological specialists; eligibility of category 2 skills; and veteran preference rating.

“Qualified applicants can apply for these eligibility through CSC regional offices,” CSC said.



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