February 11, 2022

Danish job site Jobindex reported that 35,900 new job vacancies were posted online in January 2022. Data from Jobindex showed that there had never before been so many new job vacancies posted. online in a month.

In December 2021, for comparison, 34,100 new job offers were posted online. The high number of new job vacancies posted online indicates further employment growth if companies can otherwise find the desired employees.

“There is no doubt that the labor market is tight,” the job board said.

In November last year, employment was 114,100 above the pre-Covid-19 employment record, and unemployment fell to its lowest level in more than 13 years.

January’s figure is also higher than the run-up to the financial crisis, which saw 33,200 new jobs posted in November 2007.

The Danish Job Index is an indicator of the number of job vacancies in Denmark. The Danish Job Index is based on a search engine that finds all job vacancies published on the Internet every night, both on job centers “Jobnet”, private job exchanges and business websites. Since virtually all job vacancies are now advertised on the Internet, the Danish Job Index provides a comprehensive overview of labor market developments in Denmark.


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