You can’t beat the job security of a blue-collar job, and skilled trades clearance work is booming. Whether cable cutter and electrician, pipefitter or welder. You can support agencies that need staff for facilities, ground, equipment, HVAC, plumbing, aircraft maintenance, and more.

Ginny Glasco is Director of Recruiting Services at Akima and manages recruiting in 46 states and 16 countries. It’s a plethora of career options. She’s also an Army veteran and shares military transition tips, virtual job search tips, and the do’s and don’ts of online career events applicants should follow.

Glasco notes that despite a pandemic, contractors have continued to keep pace, changing telecommuting schedules and producing proposals with DoD-assigned work. With the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, the opportunities uncovered in the labor market across the country will flourish.


As candidates continue to network online and engage with recruiters, Glasco advises job seekers to be vigilant in their search practices. Candidates can also write a quick summary answering frequently asked recruitment questions such as “what level of clearance do you have”, “do you want to relocate”. and ‘what are your salary requirements.’ Recruiters will really appreciate this time saving.

Virtual career events give you the opportunity to connect with employers across the country without having to dress up or leave home. In preparation for your discussions with recruiters, be sure to do the following:

  • Adapt your CV to each opening: Upload versions of your resume and laser focus on each employer.
  • Create calendar reminders: Set one to assemble materials and test your equipment.
  • Prepare your elevator pitch: Be sure to write down your security clearance status, the job you’re looking for, why you’re in the job market, and a fun fact to keep you memorable.
  • Preparing answers to interview questions: Construct stories of accomplishment and answers to typical interview questions to remind yourself to mention all the possible reasons why this employer should hire you.
  • Prepare questions for recruiters: This helps you understand the employer better and is considered a sign of a motivated candidate.
  • Dressing for success: Especially with the COVID-19 career search, dressing in professional attire will improve your job search mindset, even if you won’t be conducting a video interview.
  • Participate from a distraction-free environment: A quiet location is ideal, and you’ll want to make sure there are no distractions.
  • Put yourself there: A virtual environment means that it is important to make efforts to establish links. Trust is the key.
  • Ask for the next steps and contact details of the recruiter: Be upfront and offer to connect via email. Also find out about the next steps in the process and be sure to write down their contact details. Send thank you notes!


Akima is a global company that powers some of the federal government’s most critical work – installations, maintenance and repairs; information technology; logistics; protective services; systems engineering; mission support; furniture, fixtures and fittings (FF&E); and building. Currently, 70-75% of their hires are for labor and blue-collar positions.

Government agencies and civilian contractors need licensed blue collar workers to do everything from repairing HVAC equipment in licensed facilities to construction workers licensed to build sensitive facilities.

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Katie Keller is a marketing fanatic who loves all things digital, communications, promotions and events. She has over 8 years with the DoD, supporting multiple contractors with recruiting strategy, staff augmentation, marketing and communications. Favorite type of beer: IPA. Favorite Hike: The Grouse Grind, Vancouver, BC. Favorite social platform: ClearanceJobs! 🇺🇸


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