Excited for that daily commute to the office? For most people, we have no choice. But if you get the chance, will you brave traffic and COVID (yes, there’s still COVID) or work from home?

Online jobs or office jobs? What an obvious choice for most.

But is it really worth it? Can you really support a long-term family and have a booming career working from home? Let’s take a look at Apreel’s history with their years of experience with Remote Staff.

Interest in remote work

Apreel is your typical office worker. She was an internet researcher at a computer company. Why make the transition?

“At some point it occurred to me that the work I was doing at the office (which was about an hour’s drive from my house) was something I could easily do from anywhere” , said Apreel.

With most white collar jobs, you can do most of the work anywhere. It could be a coworking space, a cafe, or even a beach. And with our experience during the pandemic, it proves that we can be productive working remotely.

Unless you really want to be in an office, why should there be restrictions on where you work when you can still be productive anywhere or even at home? Apreel tried to look for jobs in her field and luckily got hired at Remote Staff in August 2008.

Early Adjustments

Like what we’ve all been through during the pandemic, it’s hard to separate your work and personal life in one place. Apreel also experienced distractions. But those minor tweaks at first were pretty insignificant for the reward she got. Of course, she also had help.

“They [Remote Staff] offered a lot of support and training to transition to remote work as easily as possible,” exclaimed Apreel.

There was training, productivity tools, and senior account managers for labor relations support. Yes, it was difficult. But there was support every step of the way.

The real question is, was it worth it?

Long-term financial and professional growth

Remote work is quite promising. But can it really support and elevate your family’s lifestyle? Will their career development?

“I was very lucky that the first client I was assigned to when I started out is still the client I work for today. So I’ve worked for Ben for 11 years,” Apreel said with a smile on her face.

First coordinator of the publication of websites, she was trained by her client to become an investment analyst.

“They really accepted me as an extended member of their team. They have given me constant training over the past 11 years and it has allowed me to really grow and move on to other roles in the business,” Apreel recounted as she was part of the success of her customer for each company.

This shows that there is long term stability and career growth even if you are working from home.

If you’re the right person to partner with a seasoned company like Remote Staff, you can experience long-term success from the comfort of your home.

Apply today for remote work opportunities with Remote Staff!


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