Those new to GTA Online might be nervous to get started. Luckily for them, Rockstar is helping next-gen gamers with the Career Builder.

Like GTA online is making its way to next-gen consoles, players are being offered a head start when starting out via the new Career Builder. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of the seminal Grand Theft Auto V and GTA online will be released soon after their initial reveal last year, although it looks like PS5 gamers are getting a better deal on the upgrade than Xbox users, which is quite interesting.

Console disparity aside, this next-gen update will bring with it the next-gen version of GTA online – perhaps Rockstar’s most profitable effort of the past decade. Apart from GTA onlineMatchmaking offerings such as PvP races and shootouts are light MMORPG elements. After customizing an avatar, players can customize their experience with cosmetics and a wide assortment of homes, penthouses, and automobiles. Additionally, players can start their own criminal enterprises with their friends, with options available for motorcycle gangs, massive drug trafficking rings, and arms deals. These organizations are generally effective ways to make money in the game, although they can also take a lot of virtual capital to get started. This is often where microtransactions come into play, as they can jump-start player progress.


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Although players can import their GTA online data when they get the next-gen version, a newly added feature will make things even easier. As described in a Rockstar Games blog post, next-gen versions of GTA online will launch with the Career Builder, which will provide players with a starting weapon, vehicle, and property. On top of that, players can use the career builder to choose between Gunrunner, Nightclub Owner, Executive, and Biker paths. Whichever path players choose, they will receive a grant of GTA$4,000,000, giving them an even stronger advantage. This option will be open to both new players and returning players who wish to start from scratch.

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While this option is sure to appeal to many players, it highlights some of the issues with microtransactions and grinding issues in GTA online. Typically, players either had to work for days or spend over $50 to get GTA$4,000,000, so Rockstar would just give away so much money to make some players wonder why it was so expensive at the departure. Additionally, giving away these things could understate or devalue what other players have had to work and/or pay for in the past.

On top of all that, the Career Builder will give what some might consider an unfair advantage to those who buy the game on next-gen consoles. These systems, especially the PlayStation 5, are still hard to find and expensive, so many gamers won’t be able to take advantage of this huge advantage. Again, this could make the gap between the new and the old GTA online the players are smaller, so fans will have to see how it ultimately plays out.

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Source: Rockstar Games

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