As we move from traditional face-to-face interaction with recruitment consultants to state-of-the-art online career portals, we risk losing important benefits along the way.

For example, meeting with a career counselor in college helps you talk openly about what you are looking for in a job, and the counselor can recommend potential roles based on your personality and professional approach.

While online college career portals can be faster. By filling out a few forms or clicking a few links on the website, you may be directed to the job of your dreams.

Job hunting can be difficult these days. Source: GIPHY

So, to find out just how effective these online career portals can be, here is a list of the pros and cons of tech-savvy service.

Benefits of online career portals at university

1. You can explore your future career from the comfort of your own home

That’s right! You don’t even have to move an inch. By logging into the Career Portal, you can discover the job of your dreams in seconds.

2. Your university knows where your degree will take you

Before you, there may have been hundreds of other students who graduated in your chosen field of study. Therefore, the university has a rough idea of ​​where your degree can take you. With this information, they can tailor your job search to your expectations.

3. Your university will have illustrious links with industry

In reality, your university should have thousands of industry partners who have potential employment opportunities. Therefore, if you use those connections, you could end up working for a cool company that values ​​your college education.

Networking is the way to go. Source: GIPHY

Disadvantages of Online College Career Portals

1. You disconnect from reality

Sometimes it’s better not to depend on virtual services to guide you through your career. Advice can be limited and presented in a rigid format. Speaking to a career counselor at the university instead will allow you to express your concerns in person and receive valuable feedback.

2. Repetitive advice

Another problem that you will encounter with online career portals in college is that the information provided is often repetitive. Using the same words of advice for everyone, how will your career direction be a personalized experience?

3. High response rate

If there are hundreds of other students in your class watching the same roles over and over, surely the response rate will be high? It may be best to do your own research and find niche job postings.

As you can see, college recruiting tools remain an average job search alternative for most. While internal referrals and official job portals are in high demand.

So which do you prefer?

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