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MedPiper launches PickLocum, the online job site for the healthcare industry

Posted on November 16, 2021

PickLocum lists jobs for doctors, nurses, medical technicians and any other medical personnel required for hospitals and teleconsultation platforms.

Bangalore: MedPiper, the one-stop health technology destination for physicians, is now expanding its services to nurses and medical technicians through its new platform, PickLocum. PickLocum is one of the fastest growing organized job boards, specially designed for doctors, nurses and medical technicians in the healthcare industry.

Due to the pandemic, India’s healthcare industry is facing a labor shortage. The need for healthcare workers has never been clearer, with hospitals unable to secure the numbers needed to handle the growing number of patients. PickLocum provides an exclusive platform for the healthcare industry – for hospitals to post job openings and for healthcare workers to search and find desired jobs.

Nithin Chandran, Co-Founder and CEO, MedPiper Technologies said, “PickLocum is an important platform in the MedPiper ecosystem that solves trust and verification issues in the global healthcare ecosystem, one country, one medical institution and one healthcare professional at the same time. We believe that healthcare professionals and their seamless connection to the rest of the ecosystem is very important. “

Nurses, lab technicians and other medical workers can log into and use MedPiper’s CV Generator to create and present their profiles and connect with hospitals, telemedicine platforms in real-time for job postings and other engagements such as CME opportunities, pharmaceutical research, scholarships, and clinical trials. PickLocum also helps healthcare providers verify practitioners before proceeding with the hiring process.

“A one-of-a-kind product for the medical industry, PickLocum aims to help hospitals run smoothly by providing the right care to their patients. MedPiper understands the importance of all healthcare workers and connects them with the right job postings, ”added Nithin Chandran.

MedPiper is also building MConnekt, an exclusive career platform for physicians. The health tech company also launched MScribe, a digital prescribing tool for doctors.


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