Fuzu Limited is about to officially launch “Fuzu”- an online career development and talent management platform in May 2018. Fuzu aims to satisfy the need for new, innovative solutions that focus on the job seeker, who they are, where their potential lies and how his talent can be matched with employment opportunities.

The service runs on a highly technical AI-powered platform that helps career builders find the best job opportunities, develop the skills needed to be successful, and stand out with employers by showcasing their talent. .

Fuzu also helps employers find the best talent in the market with advanced, yet very easy-to-use, merit-based analysis tools powered by a machine learning algorithm.

To the job seeker

The platform allows job seekers, regardless of their level of education and seniority, to dream and plan for their future, to acquire new skills and competences and ultimately to find a job that best suits their needs. profile.

It also offers a personalized experience to the job seeker; with job opportunities tailored to their skills and interests, personalized course recommendations to acquire the new skills they need for the job of their dreams and personalized advice at every stage of their career.

To the employer

Fuzu provides an ingenious set of tools that help find the best candidates through powerful search and recruiting solutions and automated CV analysis, integrating psychometric testing and candidate talent profiling into the application process. This makes it easy to find the candidates who best match their needs.

Fuzu will help you simplify the shortlist by automatically ranking applicants not only on the quality of the CV, but also on the personality and talent of the candidate.

Fuzu was recently voted by Tältt Ventures as one of Disrupt’s 100 Companies, out of 5 million startups worldwide, and as the 3rd Most Exciting Growth Company across Africa by African Business Review.

Fuzu is currently supported by over 20 partners in Uganda already which include; KCCA, ICT Association of Uganda, Microsoft, M-Kopa, SafeBoda and local innovation centers like Innovation Village, VentureLabs and Outbox.




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