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This virtual shift in business operations demonstrated the critical need for an innovative online student platform so that, whether you live in Johannesburg or on a farm in the Northern Cape, you can access vital information about your business. future – without having to leave home.

The confirmation that 3RC was on the right track was demonstrated by the 7,000 online registrations registered just weeks after its launch. In retrospect, this should come as no surprise, given the pressing need for online solutions that are intentionally targeted at teens. This age group is known for what older generations perceive to have limited attention span, but in reality these are people who have grown up with technology and need to be reached in a way that specifically involves them, to facilitate their interaction in a digital world, and is available when they want it.

Through this unique combination of live and virtual exhibitions, 3RC is able to more effectively reach this age group and expose them to study options outside of a traditional state university degree – a path that is more frequently encouraged by teachers, parents and guardians. There is a definite need to raise awareness of private study options, especially considering that college drop-out rates in South Africa are incredibly high, with 50-60% of freshmen dropping out. While this happens for a variety of reasons, it cannot be ignored that some students feel that traditional college and the courses that come from it are not for them. Perhaps these students would have been better served by seeking a tertiary alternative in the private sector.

Standardized the rules of the game for all students

Previously, 3RC could not reach schools in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Cape Town. Now, 3RC can use its virtual platform to reach students in all nine provinces, including schools in remote locations. Additionally, the introduction of virtual exhibits has allowed 3RC to tap into home schooling communities that otherwise would not have been exposed to the live broadcasts. In particular, students from Impaq and Think Digital Academy were very involved.

Crucially, there has also been an increase in the number of schools with children with special needs interacting with the platform. Many of these students suffer from either social anxiety or learning disabilities, or both. However, in this virtual environment, they were able to take the tour at their own pace, not expecting to talk to strangers to find out more. This opened up a whole new world of opportunities for these students to find out what and where they would like to study.

Essentially, by introducing virtual shows, 3RC subsequently broadened its reach in all provinces, effectively leveling the playing field for students who find themselves outside of the company’s live shows catchment areas.

New data to illuminate a rich future for all students

Since engaging with students in the 2D exhibition format, 3RC has collected data-rich information that has enabled the company to identify and tailor its offering to more precisely meet the needs of students as they evolve and develop.

For example, the data collected shows that the top five career choices for the 7,000 students who have used 3RC’s innovative platform in the past 18 months are, in order, business management (11%) , medicine and science (8.4%), engineering and technology (6.5%), law (6.2%) and counseling and psychology (5.6%). Teaching and coaching has also been found to jump from 0.2% in 2020 to 3% in 2021, which is one of the biggest jumps seen over the past year.

Another strong point is the interest shown by students who do not belong to the planned age groups. For example, the company noted that students as young as 8th grade began to show interest in exploring their future education and career options. Plus, those over 18, even those out of school, are eager to go further and want to learn more about their options.

It was also found that there are differences in the choices and interests expressed by students over 18, who completed the questionnaires online, without the influence of their parents. The data collected revealed that these students were less likely to choose traditional careers, such as medicine, engineering, accounting or finance, and tended to be more open to sharing details and were more creative in expression. of their professional interests.

That’s not to say state university is the wrong choice – not at all. But this information underscores the crucial need for students to be aware of all their options in the public and private sectors so that they can make the best choice according to their circumstances and desires.

This is what 3RC strives to achieve and does by integrating education and performance, bringing together marketers, social investors and educators to provide young people in South Africa with the information they need. need to make informed decisions about their future through these two virtual educational exhibitions.

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