Aurangabad, October 19:

A six-day online Career Guidance and Job Opportunity Information Session was held for students of Bachelor’s courses in Computer Science, Information Technology, Animation and Integrated Master’s, Data Science, BCA and BCA (digital marketing) by Dr. GY from MGM University. Pathrikar College of Computing and Information Technology. The speakers (all college alumni) and their topics were: Rutika Kulkarni (Project Manager, Inteliment Technologies) – Future Opportunities in Data Science and the Rubiscape Platform; Anuradha Sulane (Academic Assessor at Regent College, London) – Universities and Higher Education Job Opportunities Abroad; Shardul Nandapurkar (Director, SVN Pharma and Pharmalink) – Minimum Viable Product, Green Revolution, Soil Health, Marine Health and Chemical Pharmacy in Entrepreneurship; Atharva Yelikar (RSM, Litmus Academy) – How to Cultivate Hobbies Alongside Career and Rohit Jadhav (Application Support Engineer, APTARA New Media) – Career Growth in Ethical Hacking Network Security Certification, a said Apurva Dhawale, head of the cell of elders. Mansi Mahore was the moderator. Senior Dr. Prapti Deshmukh, Akshay Deshpande and Somnath Suradkar worked for the success.

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