Many FIFA fans are getting excited about FIFA 22’s online career mode – and it looks like Dream Mode has just suffered a serious setback following the upcoming game’s official closed beta.

There should still be something to be excited about, but for now the online version seems to be on the back burner.


Unsurprisingly, it is not known when FIFA 22 will be officially released, but we can have a pretty accurate estimate.

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FIFA 22 will likely be released between Friday September 24 and Friday October 8, 2021, judging by the output of previous years.

There was a preview of the game yesterday when the beta was briefly released, but for now, the wait continues.

Career mode

We might see other career mode improvements in the new game, as EA has shown some love for classic mode in its latest title, including a potential “online career mode”.

All Career Mode fans love Wonders too, and there should be some great ones in FIFA 22.

It looks like Eduardo Camavinga and Jude Bellingham will face each other for dominance in the midfield, but they could have new competition from Xavi Simons.

Take a look at our FIFA 22 Wonderkids.

A reason to hope

Earlier this month – @UltimateTeamUK featured an excerpt from EA’s work – which indicated an “online career mode” for the FIFA franchise.

The FIFA community got into a mess – failing to contain their enthusiasm around the mode.

We could only fantasize about an online career mode – which maybe could allow you to take a squad you’ve put together over several seasons and compete online, or have online divisions where everyone cannot have the same players as in Ultimate Team.

Is the show over?

FIFA 22’s closed beta and the community got excited for nearly 24 hours, before EA decided the leaks were too big and removed the platform.

@FUTZONECENTRAL was showing a lot of leaks – and has now said that while there will be new features in Career mode – an online version will not exist.

That said, this is only a beta, and that probably would’ve been the source of all the breakthrough new features, so never say never when it comes to online career mode.



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