If your career is stuck in a rut, try changing jobs. Depending on your skills, there are many careers that you may not even know you are qualified for. Finding jobs that match your skills is as easy as taking a few online career quizzes.

Within minutes, you can find your ideal career path. It’s never too late to try something new, whether you’re a new looking professional or a retiree wanting to get back to business. Speaking of which, these are the best jobs for people over 50.

Thanks to our sponsor LinkedIn, we’ve put together the two best online career quizzes you can take for free. Use them to discover your perfect career.

1. Career One Stop is a great starting point

This website is full of valuable resources for job seekers. You can take three self-assessments for free:

Each of these short career quizzes helps you better understand your abilities. In addition, they allow you to assess your professional interests. This way, you can strike the perfect balance between the jobs you’re good at and the positions you’d actually like.

2. Sokanu’s CareerExplorer is particularly useful

This quiz lasts approximately 30 minutes. Although it may seem long, the time will pass quickly. It is divided into several sections, each designed to make you analyze what you want to do in life.

  • Your personality archetype.
  • How interested are you in different careers.
  • What degrees catch your eye.
  • Your work and educational history.

Unlike many other online career quizzes, CareerExplorer is 100% free. It is highly rated – and for good reason. Not only is it comprehensive, but it’s also easy to pick up, with a smooth website design.

Just keep in mind that the results are subject to interpretation. For example, if you feel stressed and unhappy, your results may differ from day to day. So take a deep breath and take the quiz in a good frame of mind.

After Answering These Online Career Quiz, Here’s What To Do Next

Now that you know which careers suit you, it’s time to look for new job opportunities. When you’re looking for a new role, there’s no better place on the web than LinkedIn. After all, it’s the Internet’s #1 resource for job seekers and employers.

Speaking of employers, if you’re a small business owner looking for new talent, we can help. Use Kim’s link to find the perfect fit for your business with LinkedIn Jobs. For a limited time, you can post a job for free!


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