A teenager – who is desperate to find an apprenticeship – has told of his newfound hope after a businessman launched an online appeal to find him a job.

Louis Kelly, 16, had a tough day at The Keep pub before it reopened, seriously impressing owner James Samain.

The Vale of Leven Academy student told the Lennox Herald he was overwhelmed by the opportunity, saying it had already led to a few job offers.

The determined teenager responded to a call for help at work, walking around two and a half miles to the Castlehill pub from his home in Renton.

James posted a message on Facebook later that day praising Louis and saying he would be an “absolute asset to any business”.

He called on anyone looking for an apprentice to give him a chance and even promised to give Louis a set of work clothes and a toolbox once he received a formal offer.

He said: “Today’s young people have nothing but hard times, and more often than not, that’s rightly so.

“A lot of them don’t have a day’s work, sit on the phone all day and think they should get £500 a day to get out of bed and sweep.

“But there are always exceptions.

“Meet 16 year old Louis Kelly from Renton, he saw my message today, sent a lovely polite text within minutes offering his help. I hopped in the shower and MARKET from Renton to do a shift at the pub.

“During the time I went to Screwfix to get him black bags and gloves, he did a ridiculous amount of work.”

He said he would have liked to take Louis on his own at his I-electrical business, but had taken on a new apprentice that morning, adding: ‘Talking to him, he’s a lovely lad and he is eager to get an apprenticeship.

“But this boy would be an absolute asset to any company.

“If you are currently looking for an apprentice this lad is well deserving of a chance and I personally guarantee he will take it with both hands, sometimes you can tell.”

The post has been shared over 600 times, with members of the public congratulating Louis and sending him their best wishes.

Louis said he has struggled with school since the pandemic began, but said the encouragement gave him the determination to put his head down and study for his exams this year.

He said: “I like all the practical stuff, but I struggle with subjects like maths.

“It’s been really hard going to school since the lockdown and I’ve lost all motivation with it but I really enjoy working.

“I’m just going to crack and do what I have to do.

“I just want to pass my exams so I can get qualifications and then start working.

“I stay with my mother, my two brothers and my brother’s girlfriend and I want to help a little more.

“I would like to earn some money and pass my provisional driving license at 17.”

He told how the Facebook post left his mum in tears, adding: “When my mum saw it she said hi to her and then my aunt said hi to her.

“It really gave me a chance to show what I can do. It gave me an opportunity and I’m really grateful for that.

He said a few people have since contacted him to offer him work, his ultimate goal being to be offered an apprenticeship.

Louis added: “Until a month ago I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but it has encouraged me to put my head down now.”

James said: “I go through a lot of apprenticeships and it’s rare to find young lads like Louis.

“He is a good grafter and is ready to work.

“I left school when I was 15 because I hated it but I did fine.

“As long as you have the drive, the rest will fall into place.”

James, who ran Cardross Road’s Biggie Scoopz ice cream parlor, is preparing to reopen The Keep, which closed 12 years ago, as a modern gastropub and sports bar on Saturday.


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