Ubisoft has disabled online services for more than 90 titlesincluding several entries in the Assassin’s Creed, Far cry, rainbow six, Power and magicand just dance franchisees.

The vast majority of affected games are older versions for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and Wii U, although some remain available on PC.

Ubisoft explained that online multiplayer services for all affected titles have now been shut down, but all offline features remain available.

He added that game news and player statistics have also been disabled, and for this, games supporting Ubisoft Connect services, units and challenges will be disabled.

“Rewards can still be unlocked, but you will not be able to receive them in-game. If your game was not transferred when we moved from Uplay to Ubisoft Connect in 2020, all rewards will automatically unlock,” said the company said, highlighting how the move will affect Ubisoft Connect services.

“Unlockable content (ULC) such as maps and skins will also be disabled, meaning you will no longer be able to unlock them. On PC, the ULC will no longer be available even if it has been used previously. On console , the ULC will continue to be available unless you reset your saved game files.”

You can find the full list of affected titles on the Ubisoft website.


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