MACAU, March 24 – The University of Macau (UM) has launched its online career and internship fair. About 110 companies and organizations participated in this year’s fair, offering more than 3,000 vacancies. To help graduates find jobs, the university also held 25 related events, including job interviews, career preparation seminars, and career exploration and training workshops. Also, the university has created a dedicated website to provide online career guidance and employment information to students.

According to UM Dean of Students Paul Pang, in response to the latest development of the outbreak, the Career and Internship Fair has moved from a physical event to an online event, continuing to provide students with a wide range of career information in hopes of helping them kick-start their careers successfully despite the outbreak. It also encourages students to develop not only their professional knowledge, but also their soft skills, including adaptability, so that they can cope with today’s ever-changing world.

Leong Chon Hou, a fourth-year graduate student at UM’s Faculty of Education, hopes to find an education-related job through the online career and internship fair. “The event not only provides information about companies and organizations offering job and internship opportunities, but also offers a series of online workshops and one-on-one consultations on job search and interview preparation. , which greatly improved our chances of finding a job or internship,” says Leong. Hui Teng I, a fourth-year student at UM’s Faculty of Business Administration, says the website created by the university is very helpful and user-friendly. “The website has categorized the jobs and offers a screening function so that we can quickly find the right job. Also, the companies on the website are all reliable and well-known, which offers great protection to students,” Hui said.

According to UM’s Further Education and Placement Survey for the 2020/2021 academic year, of those who graduated in the 2020/2021 academic year and found employment, more than 68 % had received an offer before graduation. 85.5% of graduates that year were employed or continuing their education within three months of graduation. The median monthly income was MOP 15,000, and the top five sectors where graduates found employment were education (22.3%), banking and finance (10.4%), trade/wholesale/ retail (9.9%), hospitality (7.6%) and engineering (6.1%).

The Career and Internship Fair is an annual university event. Many exhibiting companies and organizations are renowned. Together, they offer job openings in fields such as banking and finance, education, engineering, hospitality, information technology, as well as retail. In addition to providing information on job and internship opportunities, the fair also includes interviews and recruitment workshops and offers online career guidance, employment counseling services and business information. and student organizations. The fair also helps second and third year students find a summer internship.

UM students and alumni can access the online Career and Internship Fair at to browse various job postings and internship opportunities. For inquiries, please call 8822 4839 or email [email protected]


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